Caribbean Classics

Ambrosial Caribbean Retreat Rosewood Little Dix Bay, Virgin Gorda, BVI’s ong regarded as one of the world’s greatest getaways, Rosewood Little Dix Bay offers a level of refinement unrivaled in the Caribbean. An ecotourism destination long before the term was ever coined, the exclusive resort, developed by conservationist Laurance Rockefeller over half a century ago, celebrates Virgin Gorda’s untamed natural beauty. Following a multi-million dollar renovation and redesign, the resort’s accommodations offer an iconic blend of relaxed luxury, with three open-air dining experiences. - tapas at Sugar Mill on the beach, innovative local dishes displaying true farm to table inspiration at the Reef House and Indian andWest Indian inspired cuisine at the Pavilion. Nestled amid the gardens and shaded footpaths that edge the half-mile crescent beach, or resting on the lush hillside above, the resort’s 42 rooms and 39 suites and villas have been designed to blend into and incorporate the island’s tropical landscape. Relaxation comes in the form of an award-winning cliff-side spa. Hiking trails, a tennis centre and an array of water sports satisfy those inclined to active pursuits. From the gracious service of beach attendants offering chilled fruit and cocktails to the fine-tuned efficiency of the resort’s butler staff, guests are treated to unobtrusive attentiveness and embraced with warm Caribbean hospitality. Tales of ‘Grog’ at the Rum Room Partake in a private rum tasting at Rum Room, sipping and learning about an extensive library of rare and aged rums from around the world. Learn about its Caribbean colonial origins as a substitute for pure water on the long ocean crossings and the famous naval decree that half a pint of rum be mixed in the presence of an officer on deck with one quart of water!