Caribbean Classics

urtain Bluff is a bit of a legend in international hotel circles. Dating back to the late 1950s its phenomenal potential was noted on an aerial reconnaissance over southern Antigua by American pilot, Howard Hulford, who spotted a spectacular beach-flanked bluff. He liked it so much he built his own private home here as well as an exclusive hotel with just enough accommodation for his friends. Sadly, the familiar figure of the cigar-smoking host is no longer with us, but thankfully his sublime hotel endures under the careful ownership of his wife, Chelle and supported by long-standing General Manager, Rob Sherman. Indeed, over the decades this clubby beachfront estate has grown into a worldclass 72-room resort with a two-million-dollar spa, first-rate sporting facilities and a gorgeous pool to go with its two gorgeous beaches. And as if this was already a good thing, pretty much everything is included in the up-front price! The true essence of Curtain Bluff is underpinned by its longserving team, who extend to their guests a warm welcome more akin to a personal invitation to a tropical house party. You may be drawn to Curtain Bluff for the first time in the belief that you are staying at a mere 5-star luxury resort but on returning it will feel like a second home! Taking inspiration from both classic European and Caribbean cuisine, guests can savour culinary delights accompanied by fine wines both at the courtyard-style restaurant of the Estate House or at the Italian-inspired deck restaurant overlooking the water. Curtain Bluff continues to make the most of its panoramic bluff setting. All 72 rooms and suites look out over the hotel's famous 'surf beach', a wide stretch of sand buffeted by the constant winds blowing in from the south-east. There is a confidence and ease by which the clock ticks at Curtain Bluff. Mellow evenings are passed in good company up the hill at the Estate House and languid days are enjoyed at the pool or on the more tranquil ‘bay beach’. Languid Days & Mellow Nights Curtain Bluff, St John’s, Antigua TheWine Cellar Excellent house wines are included alongside other alcoholic beverages in the room rate. However, for aficionados looking for a truly exceptional bottle, Curtain Bluff boasts one of the finest wine cellars in the Caribbean with over 4,000 wines from nearly a dozen countries sourced by the sommelier. Wine cellar tours can be arranged by the concierge and are hosted by one of the knowledgeable wine team.