Travelspeak Issue 01.2020 - Pre-press version

Issue 1, 2020 YOUR BESPOKE BACK OUTER COVER HERE Front cover choices available for this issue use link: to view our online covers flipping booklet 8PSLJOHJOQBSUOFSTIJQXJUI %FTUJOBUJPO"OZXIFSF 5FM Experts in Tailor-made Safari Holidays 6dentistsofferingNHSand private treatments. Private treatments include: SmileMakeOvers ToothWhitening AntiWrinkleTreatments&Fillers CosmeticBraces PrivateHygienist Acrylic&ChromeDentures CosmeticCrowns&Veneers Wearea leadingpracticeworking inpartnershipwithColgate. Wearealso Invisalignproviders. MemberofBDAGoodPractice Committed toa standardofgood practiceestablishedby theBritish DentalAssociation OpeningTimes: Monday 9am -5pm Tuesday 9am -5pm Wednesday 9am -7pm Thursday 9am -7pm Friday 9am -5pm Saturday 9am -1pm atKnowleandDorridge NHS&PrivatePractice Meet the Team Tricia Lengthof time in travel: 36years,20of thoseasFounderand Co-owneratOffBroadwayTravel Specialist in: Australia,Africa, IndianOceanand theUSA Favouritedestinationandwhy: Canada for theperfect touringholiday,and IndianOcean fora lovelyrelaxingbeachholiday Wherenext: Vietnam inSeptember BucketList: SouthAmerica Paul Lengthof time in travel: 30years,20of thoseasCo-ownerat OffBroadwayTravel Specialist in: FarEast& Indochina Favouritedestinationandwhy: Vietnambecauseofhowdiverse the country is,and theUSAbecause the road-tripopportunitiesareunparalleled. Wherenext: Brazil BucketList: TheGalapagos Islands Natalie Lengthof time in travel: 17years,having joinedOffBroadway Travelasapart-time junioronaSaturday! Specialist in: SouthAmerica,NewZealand,Ski& Snowboard Favouritedestinationandwhy: CostaRica for touringas itappeals tomy inneradrenaline junkieand love foranimals! Anguilla fora relaxingbeachdestination. Wherenext: Mauritius (again!) BucketList: Namibia A striking “Call to arms”, staff profiles or your own news Local Business Hotel/Airline partner Tour Operator partner Sponsored pages - raising income for your issue or possibly your own material If you have no material to use on the outer back cover then it is recommended that you choose a front to back cover selection