New Travelspeak

I am delighted to announce the relaunch of TRAVELSPEAK after a prolonged break coinciding with the severe impact created by Covid19 upon the travel industry over the last two years. During this time I have considered the processes by which future publications should be produced and I take pleasure in presenting an exciting new approach that will deliver truly individual material rather than the previous 24-page format with ‘over-branded’ covers. This strategic step forward will create an ever growing travel media library from which travel companies can make their own choices in the range of features they would like to incorporate in any given publication. Furthermore, due to the modular structure of the new material, travel companies will be able to refine the material with a growing choice of preferred end suppliers like hotels and resorts. An excellent example of this can be seen with ‘Postcards from...’ - a series of 4-page city break features which incorporate a selection of recommended luxury hotels. Whilst the feature is only designed to carry up to 4 recommendations, you will be able to choose from a bank of up to 16 properties per city. This flexibility is crucial to ensuring that a wider range of hotels is available to reflect the positioning of the travel companies that utilise Travelspeak. I want the material to appeal to the widest audience possible. This series combines well with ‘Iconic City Hotels of the World’ to create a strong 6-page focus city break piece. In the coming months Travelspeak website will also be re-engineered to create an exciting, publishing supermarket that will walk you through the process of selection, enabling you to choose the contents of your bespoke publication, its coverwork, your personal information requirements, its size and its print and/or online specifications. I look forward to creating wonderful travel literature with you whether it be a social media feature, a promotional flyer, a client magazine or even a brochure. The possibilities are many... Ugo Baccanello Publishing Director